How Rock is Sold

Our natural stone, with very few exceptions, is shipped to us on pallets and is sold by weight. A Weighmaster records the weight of your purchase, less the weight of the pallet.

We do not publish rock pricing, as it can vary over short periods of time. Freight is the biggest variable with the cost of diesel and gasoline, but quarries also adjust their prices based on changes in the vein of stone. We buy stone from California, Arizona, Utah, Mexico and across the USA. When you visit us or call on the phone, we will provide price quotes for materials on hand or for special orders.

Availability can be an issue at times for a particular stone or cut. For example, many quarries lose access with heavy rain, sometimes all winter. We also fill multi-ton orders which can deplete stock on hand. If you have a big job and matching stone is important, be sure to talk about the whole job with our sales people.

Flagstone is available in various sizes that are suitable for different uses. One of the significant cost variables has to do with the surface area of individual pieces. We sell “stand-up” flagstone, which actually stands up on the pallets, and the pieces range in size from 4 to 12 square feet. These large coverage pieces are often available in various thicknesses, and we call these stones “Select.” You frequently see select flagstone in shopping plazas and business parks and it is ideal for patios and walkways. We also sell patio flagstones that lie flat on the pallets and the pieces range in size from 8 inches to 4 square feet. This flagstone can be used in patios, walkways, water features and veneer.