Natural Stone

We divide our natural stone into the following categories:

See this group in the galleryFlagstone is rock that has been split into flat pieces and is available in several thicknesses, thinner for laying over concrete and thicker with sand and decomposed granite.  Flagstone is also available in small pieces as well as big sheets which look wonderful in outdoor dining areas. 

See this group in the galleryBoulders can be naturally occurring or blasted from a rock quarry.  They are used for walls and focal accents in the landscape, for waterfalls, around swimming pools and ponds.  We have a good selection of boulders in a variety of colors.  They range in size from 6 to 8 inches in diameter weighing 30 pounds all the way up to 4 by 4 feet weighing 4000 pounds. The smaller boulders are in wire baskets, and the larger boulders are loose (not basketed.).  Many of the large boulders require crane placement.

Cobbles & Pebbles
See this group in the galleryCobbles and Pebbles are naturally occurring rounded rock.  They are used in Asian design, for ponds and streams, and for an almost infinite number of landscaping uses.  We carry Colorado Skippers, Pamy pebbles, Mexican Beach pebble, and many others.

Tumbled Flagstone
See this group in the galleryTumbled flagstone is flagstone that has been placed into a mechanical tumbling machine so that the edges are smoothed and rounded.  It is used for pool coping, for the top surface of walls and seating areas where a smooth edge is needed.  The tumbled product is often selected to match other design elements.

Ledge Stone & Wall Stone
See this group in the galleryLedge stone is flagstone that has been specialty cut into rectangular pieces with varying thicknesses and lengths.  It is used for building walls that can be dry stacked or mortared. Wall stone is small irregular shaped stone that can be stacked or mortared to create a wall.

Specialty Stone
See this group in the galleryThis category includes stone that is specialty cut into birdbaths and fountains as well as naturally occurring Basalt Columns.  It also includes bridges, slabs, monoliths and stair treads.  We carry decorative items as well, including a very popular one called Candy Glass.

Firepit Glass & Rings
See this group in the galleryOutdoor firepits have become very popular and we recently added firepit glass and firepit rings to our inventory. We stock seven colors of firepit glass and other colors are available by custom order.